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Annual report of UN Secretary General – Accelerating progress towards the MDGs

This report discusses recent progress made towards achievement of the Millennium Development Goals and outstanding challenges en route to 2015. At the request of Member States, it explores successful experiences in fostering sustained and inclusive economic growth as part of strategies to achieve the Millennium Development Goals. It further stresses the need to step up efforts … Continue reading

Post-2015 Global Development Agenda: A critical assessment of future options

This paper by Amarakoon Bandara, Economic Advisor at UNDP Tanzania, attempts to invoke a debate on the Post-2015 Development Agenda within the UN in Tanzania and possibly at the national level. In this respect the paper provides background information on MDGs, reviews literature on the recent debate on the Post-2015 development agenda, critically assesses the pros … Continue reading

Post-2015 Health MDGs

This paper by Julian Schweitzer, Marty Makinen, Lara  Wilson and Marilyn Heyman, all of the Results for Development Institute, reviews and contributes to the evidence base concerning progress on the health Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to 2015 and beyond. For this purpose, the evidence base comprises experience with the MDGs to date, current debate and … Continue reading

Jim Kim’s Deepest World Bank Challenge

“In his first speech this week as World Bank president, Jim Yong Kim, stressed a goal of brokering solutions to support a world free of poverty. The World Bank’s success on this front hinges on more than technical debates over organizational strategy and design. Ultimately it depends on tackling the institution’s cultural ambivalence toward global … Continue reading

Peace and Security – UN Task Team Thematic Think Piece

This new paper by the UN System Task Team on the post-2015 UN development agenda promotes the inclusion of goals related to peace, security, human rights and justice in a post-2015 development framework. Download ‘Peace and Security’.

Assessing progress in Africa towards the MDGs

This new report by the Economic Commission for Africa has been written against the backdrop of continued rapid economic growth in Africa, uprisings and transitions in North Africa, the festering sovereign debt crisis in the eurozone, the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20), and the beginning of consultations on the post-2015 development agenda. The … Continue reading

Gender equality and the post-2015 framework

In this new briefing paper, Jessica Woodroffe of the Gender and Development Network and Emily Esplen of Womenkind Worldwide argue that it is critical to maintain a strong and explicit focus on gender equality in any new post-2015 development framework, with priority given to reaching the poorest women and girls. Download ‘Gender equality and the post-2015 … Continue reading

MDGs and beyond: What’s in a post-2015 agenda for youth?

In this paper, Dabesaki Mac-Ikemenjima, Policy and Strategy Adviser at the Centre for Youth Development and Research Initiative suggests that youth issues should form an integral component of the discourse and language of the post-2015 development process. Download ‘MDGs and beyond: What’s in a post-2015 agenda for youth?’

Jamie Drummond at TED Global: ‘Let’s crowd-source the world’s goals’

In a recent talk at Ted Global in Edinburgh, Jamie Drummond from ONE challenges us to become agenda-setters for new development goals post-2015: “There are many ways to take forward this conversation and the real effort to democratise and radically break open this expert discussion has not yet begun.  I think this could be a … Continue reading

The UN Task Team report: Pretty good, all in all

Written by Amy Pollard, Lead Analyst at CAFOD on Post-MDGs, and Co-Chair of Beyond 2015: http://www.beyond2015.org. In the rapidly swelling sea of post-2015 publications that is ever lapping at my desk, one report that has been well worth reading properly is the UN System Task Team’s Report to the Secretary-General:  ‘Realising the Future We Want for All’. … Continue reading


January 1st, 2016

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