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Sharing the post-2015 framework

“…As I watched, what I found remarkable was the long list of issues raised – from disability to health and education, to jobs and illicit financial flows. At the end, Abhijit Banerjee, one of the panellists, calculated that 32 issues had been raised! Yet the original MDGs only had 8 goals, and London’s event was only the first of three major meetings and consultations. I realised the panellists would be concerned about just how long their list of “to do’s” would get by the time they issued their report!

“Indeed, the High Level Panel could be tempted – like me – to take too much on. The small part of my family in Glasgow can deliver a big, amazing holiday for the wider family. Similarly, the post-2015 framework will and should be ambitious. These first set of meetings in London were a real success – and they indicate just how much potential the post-2015 framework has for being game-changing. But it could also collapse under its own weight.”

New blog by Hannah Ryder, Team Leader for Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation at DFID: ‘Sharing the post-2015 framework’.


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January 1st, 2016

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