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Serpents and Doves: A development policy blog

By Amy Pollard (CAFOD) and Dominic Haslam (Sightsavers)

A civil society army – wouldn’t it be lovely.

It would be much more convenient for policymakers if civil society was like an army.  If only we would line up in rows and march neatly in one direction.  If only we would fall under the command of a single general, who could speak on our behalf and bark orders when we fall out of line. Why don’t we just pull ourselves together, elect a leader of the truly free world, give them gold epaulettes and stop making everyone’s lives difficult?

A Civil Society Army could deliver some lovely pithy messages to the High Level Panel on post-2015.  It would be very good at deciding what issues should be the priorities for a post-2015 framework, and explaining them to policymakers in a nice clear and coherent way.  It could even draw up logframes…

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January 1st, 2016

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