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A major step forward and a post-2015 challenge

New blog by Sheelagh Stewart, Coordinator of the Governance and Rule of Law Group in UNDP’s Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery.

“Rule of law and all it implies – transparency, accountability, and universal access to justice–are now squarely on the table. The question at hand then is how to institutionalize and operationalize this new consensus. One pathway is the new UN Global Focal Point system, agreed in September, which will allow UNDP and the Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO) to collaborate closely and quickly in supporting police, justice, and corrections in post-crisis and post-conflict settings. Another will be the incorporation of rule of law in whatever targets succeed the MDGs. Member States agreed last September 24th to include the rule of law into the discussions of the post-2015 agenda. Possible inclusion of a goal related to the rule of law would be a major incentive for reforms.”

Read the blog in full here.



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January 1st, 2016

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