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Ending the learning crisis: education and equity after 2015

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Education-after-2015-logo9Today Save the Children is publishing its proposals for the post-2015 global development framework. Giving every child a chance to learn – particularly the poorest – is a central part of this framework, as four Save the Children education experts from around the world explain.

By Desmond Bermingham, Gerd-Hanne Fosen, Will Paxton and Dan Stoner

Global education debates are now abuzz with discussions about what will replace the Millennium Development Goals in 2015. You would be forgiven for thinking, however, that at this stage these debates are generating more heat than light. That is why today Save the Children has published its proposals for a post-2015 development framework. In Ending Poverty in Our Generation we have set out proposed goals, targets and indicators across all areas of human development.

Save-coverWe believe passionately that our generation is the first that can realistically talk of ending a series of global injustices. A…

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January 1st, 2016

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