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All eyes on UK International Development Committee report

The UK International Development Committee has just published its report on Post-2015 Development Goals, based on a recent UK Parliamentary Inquiry. You can read its full report online here.

Several interesting commentaries and summaries based on the report have also been published:

UK Parliament summary: “New global development goals to end extreme poverty, improve health and education, and promote sustainability must be simple and measurable, according to a new report from MPs on the International Development Committee.” See here.

Tom Berry at Development Initiatives: “Momentum gathers towards the UN High Level Panel in Liberia next month with the publication of the UK parliament’s International Development Committee report on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). This is particularly significant given the role of UK Prime Minister Cameron co-chairing the panel. The report has a number of significant findings…” See here.

Devex: “The ongoing process to craft a post-2015 global development agenda should be more transparent – otherwise, world leaders may not want to sign on, a panel of British parliamentarians worries in a report published Tuesday that also identified job creation as the most important goal for the coming years.” See here.


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January 1st, 2016
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