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Up and running: The Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals

The Open Working Group (OWG) on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is now officially up and running, in accordance with this recent UN General Assembly draft decision. This document confirms the OWG’s  diverse country membership, comprising thirty official places, many of which are shared by two to three different states.

The OWG will hold its first meeting early next month, and discussions have already started on both substance and process.

Amidst continuing uncertainty over how the work of the OWG will link with that of the UN High Level Panel on Post-2015, UNGA President Vuk Jeremic has called for a single post-2015 agenda.

A number of countries have already been outspoken on the role and nature of the OWG. According to the IISD Reporting Service:

“Peru called for a single agenda reflecting that “development is one” and to ensure participation of civil society and all Member States. Venezuela appealed for the OWG to be “truly open” to any State, and for its negotiations process to be transparent, open and inclusive. Sri Lanka, Papua New Guinea and Colombia took the floor to urge an immediate start to substantive work of the group.”

You can read further detail on the establishment of the OWG in this report by IISD.



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