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Ivan Lewis speech to CAFOD on Post 2015 Development Goals

Ivan Lewis MP, Labour’s Shadow Development Secretary, recently gave a speech at an event organised by aid charity CAFOD. The speech can be viewed in full here.

“Friends, in the next 20 years we should judge the scale of our ambition and our commitment to real change primarily by whether we can change the life chances for the poorest everywhere, in every country, and those who are trapped in the misery of conflict ridden states.

“Tonight I will to lay out an ambitious and credible vision for a progressive Post 2015 Development framework. Ultimately, the new framework must be developed through an authentic partnership between developing, developed and middle income countries, donor and recipient countries, multilateral organisations, charitable foundations, the private sector and civil society.”


One thought on “Ivan Lewis speech to CAFOD on Post 2015 Development Goals

  1. Development should not be a political football game. Don’t try to claim glory when you’ve also made mistakes.

    Posted by ipeanddevelopment | January 31, 2013, 4:08 pm


January 1st, 2016

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