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Forget post-2015 development goals – a global new deal is what’s needed

This new blog by Richard Kozul-Wright and Jayati Ghosh offers a critical reflection on how the future development agenda could usefully raise the bar on its level of ambition.

“Business as usual simply will not work any more. The UN has recognised this in its call for a new post-2015 development agenda. But to move the agenda forward, some hard truths will need to be recognised. There is a good deal more to development than poverty reduction. Simply adding human rights, peace and security – however important these challenges are – will not necessarily point things in the right direction. However understandable, devoting attention to those at the bottom has resulted in insufficient attention being paid to those at the top with access to the resources needed to drive investment and create jobs.”

Read the blog in full on the Guardian website: ‘Forget post-2015 development goals – a global new deal is what’s needed’

Richard Kozul-Wright is a senior economist at the United Nations.

Jayati Ghosh is one of the world’s leading economists. She is professor of economics at Jawaharlal Nehru university, New Delhi, and the executive secretary of International Development Economics Associates (Ideas).


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January 1st, 2016

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