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It’s not only about the goals

New blog by Laura Rodriguez-Takeuchi, a researcher at ODI.

“…there have been several references to the need for more and better data to track progress towards the goals. One reason is that, without data, it is impossible to track countries’ efforts and progress and to know when and where the targets have been met. Without data, it also is very difficult to set the targets in the first place.

“As Bill Gates says, one of the great merits of the MDGs was the way they mobilised country action and effort to achieve them. This was allowed by the structure of goals-targets-indicators, going from the very broad to the very concrete. In the new framework, regardless of the final list of topics that make it to the agenda, there will be a need for targets that make it possible to continue with the mobilising effect that the MDGs have had.”

Read the blog in full on the development progress website: ‘It’s not only about the goals’


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January 1st, 2016

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