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Leaving No One Behind: Can We Scale up Quality Education in a Post-2015 World?

Written by Rebecca Winthrop, Homi Kharas and Jenny Alexander, on the Brookings blog: “The next global development agenda is currently being hotly debated in the halls of the United Nations and in countries around the world.  However, it is clear that addressing the issue of equality of opportunity will be central.  The UN secretary general’s … Continue reading

Universal Basic Education – is the post-2015 debate too complicated?

By David Levesque, Independent Education Adviser on the Norrag blog: “Am I the only one who finds the debate on post MDG /EFA education goals over complicated? Suggested ‘own goals’ abound. With the desire to ensure ‘quality’ and measurement for all and include as many sectors as possible it ends up sounding like a cacophony … Continue reading

Education For All Global Monitoring Report – Teaching and learning: achieving quality for all

The 2013/14 EFA report,  Education For All Global Monitoring Report – Teaching and learning: achieving quality for all, has been released. It provides an overview of the global situation on education, and argues for a post-2015 education goal which leaves no one behind. Read extracts from the overview below: “With the deadline for the Education … Continue reading

Higher education in Nepal and lessons for post-2015

Written by Blair Glencorse on The World Beyond 2015: “The post-Millennium Development Goals framework is currently being negotiated among governments and civil society participants around the world. Unlike the previous goals, which emphasized universal primary education as a key aim, it is essential that any successor targets ensure a concomitant focus on tertiary education. The youth bulge is … Continue reading

Education Among Goals Ahead of the Post-2015 Game

By Gina Bergh and Jonathan Couturier, Overseas Development Institute, on the Norrag blog: “It’s been a hectic year for the post-2015 development agenda, with a stream of high and low level panels, consultations, working groups and proposals flooding the policy space. So we set out to assess the proposals up to now likely to carry … Continue reading

Education Saves Lives: Ensuring the Right to Education in the Post-2015 Development Agenda

By Shaharazad Abuel-Ealeh, Global Campaign for Education, writing on Norrag: “For every organisation in every sector clamouring to be heard in the frenetic world of the post-2015 development agenda, finding the message that cuts through the noise and is heard – can reap potentially huge rewards. At every opportunity we drive forward with our national … Continue reading

Donors must renew their commitment to supporting education goals after 2015

Written by Pauline Rose, Director, EFA Global Monitoring Report, on the EFA report blog: “Aid has played a key role in supporting the Education for All goals. But now that support is in danger of being undermined as donors distribute aid through non-government channels, fail to coordinate their efforts sufficiently, or turn away from education … Continue reading

In Indonesia, Tackling Education Inequality Through Better Governance: lessons for post-2015

By Samer Al-Samarrai, writing on the World Bank blog: “Since the UN’s High Level Panel announced  its vision for the post-2015 development agenda in May, much debate has centered on the absence of a goal for inequality among the panel’s list of 15 proposed goals.  Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, commenting on the goals in … Continue reading

UNESCO Presentation: Education Beyond 2015

The Assistant-Director for Education at UNESCO has compiled a presentation entitled “UNESCO’s perspective on the post-2015 development agenda”, in the context of UNESCO’s Leader’s Forum, “UNESCO mobilizing for and contributing to the post-2015 agenda through education, the sciences, culture and information”. Click here to find out more, click here to access the presentation.

Why we need a global education framework after 2015

By Pauline Rose, director of the Education for All Global Monitoring Report, writing on the World Education Blog: “With the 2015 deadline for the Education for All goals fast approaching, international attention is focusing on what will succeed them. It is crucial that a clear, overarching education goal within the broader global development framework is … Continue reading


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