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The Pursuit of Universality

Written by Alvin Leong (LLM, JD), an energy and environmental policy consultant and fellow at the Pace Center for Environmental Legal Studies.  He can be contacted at aleong@law.pace.edu. The intergovernmental Open Working Group (OWG) on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) recently issued their outcome document containing proposals for 17 goals.[1]  Pursuant to paragraph 18 of the … Continue reading

Corporate Sustainability Emerging as Major Driver in the UN’s Post-2015 Agenda

Written by Georg Kell, Executive Director of the UN Global Compact, on ECDPM’s GREAT insights magazine “The corporate sustainability movement is growing in every region of the world. Every year, more companies place responsible business practices and sustainability objectives at the heart of their business strategy. Companies are increasingly helping to tackle the world’s most pressing … Continue reading

Why are indigenous people left out of the sustainable development goals?

Written by Jonathan Glennie, Research Associate at ODI’s Centre for Aid and Public Expenditure on the Guardian Poverty Matters blog. “The great danger in compiling a list of priorities for international development, which is what most of the development industry has been preoccupied with for the past couple of years, is the dreaded “shopping list” … Continue reading

Counting Down to a New Era of Global Health

Written by Jonathan Jay, JD MA, coordinator of Health for All Post-2015, a global campaign of civil society organizations advocating for universal health coverage in the post-2015 development agenda, and senior writer for Management Sciences for Health, a global non-profit that develops sustainable health systems in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. What do … Continue reading

Data revolution in development: countries come first!

Written by Johannes Jütting, Manager of the Paris21 Secretariat. “We don’t need your data revolution,” were the words of a frustrated statistician in Maputo, Mozambique. He had sat through yet another workshop presentation about the importance of statistics for the post-2015 development agenda, something he understood probably better than the presenters. “It’s just more talk … Continue reading

Youth and inequality in post-2015 development

Written by Tanvi Bhatkal, Research Officer in the Growth, Poverty and Inequality Programme at ODI, written on Development Progress youth priorities blog. “Dialogue about international development policy has recently centred on setting the development agenda to follow the millennium development goals (MDGs). These post-2015 ‘sustainable development goals’ are being set through a consultative process, with … Continue reading

Interview with Dr Álvaro Sobrinho, Chairman of the Planet Earth Institute: August 2015

This post by Planet Earth Institute is a Q&A with their founder and Chairman, Alvaro Sobrinho, on his vision of Africa’s scientific independence and the Post -2015 debate. Álvaro Sobrinho, one of Angola’s leading business figures and philanthropists, and Chairman of the Planet Earth Institute, talks about his plans to make Africa a global science … Continue reading

5 ways the post-2015 Financing Committee could change the world. (Seriously.)

Written by Cordelia Lonsdale, Engagement and Communications Officer at Development Initiatives on Development Initiatives blog   “The Expert Financing Committee for post-2015 (ICESDF as it’s known) is nearly done with its task of setting out the strategic framework for sustainable development financing, and civil society gets its last chance to input to their report this week, via … Continue reading

Who is going to pay for international development?

Written by Jonathan Glennie, Research Associate with the Centre for Aid and Public Expenditure at ODI on the Development Progress financing progress blog “The time is coming for the big ideas in targets like the sustainable development goals (SDGs) to be honed into politically feasible commitments. Addis Ababa is hosting a UN Financing for Development conference in July … Continue reading

Europe and the Sustainable Development Goals

Written by Anna Knoll,  Policy Officer in the Strengthening European External Action Programme at ECDPM on ECDPM Talking Points blog “Last week the UN Open Working Group on the Sustainable Development Goals (OWG) adopted their final report to standing ovations after 13 formal sessions and a final marathon meeting. From a European perspective, the outcome is considered … Continue reading


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