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Europe and the Sustainable Development Goals

Written by Anna Knoll,  Policy Officer in the Strengthening European External Action Programme at ECDPM on ECDPM Talking Points blog “Last week the UN Open Working Group on the Sustainable Development Goals (OWG) adopted their final report to standing ovations after 13 formal sessions and a final marathon meeting. From a European perspective, the outcome is considered … Continue reading

The legacy of Jomtien and Dakar post-2015

Written by Steve Packer, Executive Chair of the Education and Development Forum (UKFIET) on Development Progress national progress in education blog. “We all have some well-founded scepticism about the impact of set-piece global conferences. At a personal level, they can be enjoyable events with inspirational moments where we strengthen personal networks and establish friendships. But … Continue reading

Smart Aid for the World’s Poor

Written by Matt Ridley, member of the British House of Lords in The Saturday Essay, Wall Street Journal. “In September next year, the United Nations plans to choose a list of development goals for the world to meet by the year 2030. What aspirations should it set for this global campaign to improve the lot of … Continue reading

Addressing women’s elitism in national politics requires us to start local

Written by Rachael Stokes, the Head of Global Advocacy and Research at Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO) on Contestation- dialogues on women’s empowerment. “The case of the Costa Rican domestic workers perfectly illustrates the need to shift the debate beyond numbers to consider how inclusive and representative our political systems truly are – at all levels. Whilst … Continue reading

New measures, new insights: the 2014 Human Development Report

Written by Stephan Klasen, Professor of Economics at the University of Göttingen on Development Progress. “UNDP has published its new Human Development Report today, with its usual suite of human development indicators that are widely used to assess progress and rank countries. But this year it also introduces one new measure, the Gender Development Index (GDI), presents … Continue reading

Food, population and the post-2015 development agenda

Written by Robert Walker, President at Population Institute on Devex.  “Meeting the growing demand for food may be the world’s single greatest challenge, but it is part of a much larger complex of problems, all relating to the overuse of our planet and, ultimately, to the larger challenge posed by population growth. Addressing that challenge is … Continue reading

Time to prioritise teacher numbers and teaching quality

This post is written by Purna Kumar Shrestha, Education Research and Advocacy Adviser at VSO on the Development Progress national progress in education blog series.  “While increasing access to education for marginalised children remains a challenge for many low-income countries, I’ve seen first-hand how the neglect of educational quality has led to a global learning crisis. As … Continue reading

OWG report shoots but does it score?

This post is written by Neva Frecheville, lead policy analyst on post-MDGs at CAFOD on CAFOD policy team blog  “While much of the world spent this year watching the World Cup, some of us were watching a very different kind of international tournament. The Open Working Group, mandated by Rio+20 in 2012 to produce a set of proposals for … Continue reading

A Critique of UNESCO’s Proposal on Education After 2015

Written by Ariel Fiszbein, director of the education program at the Dialogue, and Eduardo Vélez Bustillo, independent consultant on PREAL blog “Since the early sixties (at the conference of Addis Ababa), and with the best intentions, the international community has been setting goals to solve educational problems in developing countries. Unfortunately, and for various reasons, these … Continue reading

Sustainable Development Goals Haiku winner and runners-up announced!

Last week marked another milestone in the long and winding process to define a new global development agenda.  Governments concluded a year’s work in an ‘open working group’, to propose a set of new Sustainable Development Goals (or SDGs). To celebrate the group’s final meeting, @clairemelamed and @PJLaddpost2015 initiated a twitter Haiku competition.  We could … Continue reading


January 1st, 2016
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