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In Rural India, Asking What Helps Girls Stay in School

Written by Priya Pillai, Lead, Research Uptake and Corporate Partnerships in Karnataka Health Promotion Trust for STRIVE projects on World Bank blogs “By educating girls, we reduce poverty, improve maternal and child health, prevent HIV and AIDS, and raise living standards for everyone. Despite the overwhelming evidence of the benefits of girls’ education, however, 37 million … Continue reading

The data revolution is coming and it will unlock the corridors of power

Written by Claire Melamed, Director of the Growth, Poverty and Inequality Programme at ODI, on the Guardian Global development, poverty matters blog “One might not think of statisticians or computer geeks as natural revolutionaries. But that, it turns out, would be unfair, because statisticians and computer geeks are in the vanguard of what could prove … Continue reading

Achieving Universal Primary Education: A game of give and take

Written by Pamela Chowdhury, Communications Manager at PEAS, on why achieving MDG2 ‘Universal Primary Education’ necessarily relies on investment in secondary education ahead of 2015. Earlier this year, the World Bank published the 2014 World Development Indicators. The report “provides a compilation of high-quality, and internationally comparable statistics about global development and the fight against poverty”, … Continue reading

In my view: The full potential of trade for development is yet to be tapped

Written by Roberto Azevêdo, Director General of the World Trade Organisation on Development Progress Mobilising resources for sustainable development blog “The United Nation’s post-2015 development agenda is gaining momentum.To be truly effective and meaningful, the agenda has to include trade; it should make full use of the multilateral trading system to achieve the post-2015 goals. Trade … Continue reading

Let’s assume 17 goals are a bit much – how to cut down the numbers?

Written by Dominic White Head of International Development at WWF- UK and Bernadette Fischler, International Development Policy Adviser at WWF-UK. The second part of our reflections looks at different types of logic that could be applied if one would set out to cut down the goals. We are not saying that this needs to happen, only listing … Continue reading

Sustainable Development is complicated – Are there really too many SDGs?

Written by Dominic White Head of International Development at WWF- UK and Bernadette Fischler, International Development Policy Adviser at WWF-UK. Nobody would deny that it was a Herculean effort that brought us the outcome document of the Open Working Group (OWG) on SDGs. But demi-gods don’t tend to rest, at least not when the plans to deliver … Continue reading

Governance and accountability post-2015

Written by Anthony Davis, Children’s Rights Policy Advisor for Plan International. An important and timely event was held last Monday, in the midst of continued mutterings and musings on the content and scope of post-2015 framework at the UN General Assembly. The event aimed to spark a discussion on the role of young people in strengthening … Continue reading

Closing the Gap for Post-2015: New Ambition for Acute Malnutrition

Written by Sabrina de Souza, UK Advocacy Manager at Action Against Hunger UK on the Huffington Post blog “Nutrition is both a maker and marker of development. Yet, undernutrition continues to hamper the ability of children to live happy, healthy lives and reach their full potential. Millions of children – 52 million to be exact … Continue reading

Sustainable Development Goals risk being unworkable

Written by Andrew Norton, Director of Research at ODI on ODI’s expert comment page. “At this week’s UN General Assembly, states will debate the proposed goals and targets for the post-2015 development agenda. The main text they will draw on is the goal and target set proposed by the Open Working Group (OWG) on the SDGs. … Continue reading

UNGA69: Human Rights And Financing For Development In The Post-2015 Agenda

Written by Susan Tolmay, AWID Women’s Rights Information Manager and Nerea Craviotto, AWID Advocacy Coordinator on Association for Women’s Rights in Development “The outcome document of the 2010 High-level Plenary Meeting of the General Assembly on the MDGs requested the Secretary-General to initiate thinking on a post-2015 development agenda and include recommendations in his annual report … Continue reading


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