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The SDGs: why should business schools care?

This post is written by Giselle Weybrecht, advisor, speaker in the areas of sustainability and business and author of The Sustainable MBA: A Business Guide to Sustainability. A version this post first appeared on the AACSB blog What Are the Sustainable Development Goals? On September 25 this year, all 193 member states of the United … Continue reading

We have SDGs now, but how do we measure them?

This post is written by Kate Anderson, Senior Policy Analyst and Associate Fellow, Global Economy and Development, Center for Universal Education and first appeared on the Brookings Education + Development blog Does the world agree on the definition of a mountain? Is internet access a “basic service” for all people? Should the same-sized cities in China and … Continue reading

UN Sustainable Development Goals: Good For Business

This blog is written by Dr Bob Eccles, Chairman of ESG Quant fund manager, Arabesque Partners. It first appeared on Forbes.com  Think of the word “sustainability” and what springs to mind? For many, it means being “green,” and accepting the need for more careful use of increasingly limited natural resources. More specifically, it is a word … Continue reading

Measuring Land Rights for a Sustainable Future

This post is written by Kaitlin Y. Cordes, Head of Land and Agriculture at the Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment, and Jeffrey D. Sachs, Director of The Earth Institute and Special Advisor to United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on the Millennium Development Goals. Land rights, both for individuals and for communities, are critical for achieving sustainable … Continue reading

Does more mean better? #SDGs and the (unmet) need for measurable indicators of egalitarian social change

This post originally appeared on Africa at LSE and is part of the Africa at LSE, South Asia at LSE and IGC cross-blog series on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Notwithstanding their commendable inclusion of a broad range of feminist concerns, Alice Evans argues that the SDGs will only accelerate egalitarian social change if they comprise measurable indicators of … Continue reading

From Post2015.org to Deliver2030.org – a new website for a new development era

This post is written by Elizabeth Stuart, Team leader, Sustainable Development Goals, ODI We set up Post2015.org to be an information hub on the Sustainable Development Goals; a platform of evidence-based analysis that we hoped would be of use to all those involved in the shaping of the new development agenda. We think we’ve been … Continue reading

Taking action: why national ownership of the Sustainable Development Goals is vital to success

This post is written by Åsa Persson and Måns Nilsson, Stockholm Environment Institute Unless the SDGs can be turned into nationally relevant targets that mesh with existing priorities and processes, they risk becoming just another bit of remote UN agenda. The global transformation that the SDGs call for requires integrated, concerted action by the UN member … Continue reading

Post-2015 resources round-up

Resilience in the SDGs: developing an indicator for Target 1.5 that is fit for purpose – This ODI Climate and Environment Programme paper, by Aditya Bahadur, Emma Lovell, Emily Wilkinson, Thomas Tanner, outlines a comprehensive approach for developing a cross-sectoral, multi-dimensional and dynamic understanding of resilience. This underpins the core message of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that … Continue reading

A dispassionate look at the Sustainable Development Goals

This post is written by Jan Vandemoortele, PhD, formerly with the UN, co-architect of the MDGs and a critical friend of the SDGs Almost two years in the making, the sustainable development goals (SDGs) were agreed in early August. By late September, they will be formally adopted by member states at a UN summit in New … Continue reading

5 things needed to turn the SDGs into reality

This post is written by Elizabeth Stuart, Research Fellow and Team Leader, Sustainable Development Goals, ODI, and originally appeared on Devex Now that the sustainable development goals are — in the main — agreed, what needs to happen to turn this global manifesto into a national policy agenda? The clock to SDG attainment will start ticking … Continue reading


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