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What happens now? – the post-2015 agenda after the High-level Panel

A new report by the Center on International Cooperation’s Alex Evans and David Steven explores what’s next in the politics and process: “Now the Panel’s report has been published, the post-2015 agenda will begin to shift into a new phase, culminating in September 2014 when the OWG submits its own report to the UN General Assembly. While the … Continue reading

Sustainable Development Goals: what just happened?

“Question: if the General Assembly sets up its own working group on SDGs this September, to report back to its 2013 session, then where exactly does that leave the Secretary-General’s High Level Panel on the post-2015 agenda (see this earlier GD post), covering exactly the same agenda and working over exactly the same timescale?” New blog post … Continue reading

Beyond the Millennium Development Goals – Agreeing to a Post-2015 Development Framework

In this paper Alex Evans and David Steven point out that the politics of agreeing an effective post-2015 framework are likely to prove extremely difficult, as there are deep disagreements that can surface between developed, emerging and developing countries. All this on the background of continued economic turmoil which leads to “short-term thinking” rather than … Continue reading


January 1st, 2016

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