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Does climate change matter to the poor?

Written by Bernadette Fischler, from CAFOD, writing on the Broker Online: “Why do some surveys show action on climate change at the bottom of the priority scale, while others demonstrate the urgent need for adaptation and mitigation strategies? While this seems contradictory, it is important to not jump to conclusions. Does climate change matter to … Continue reading

Traffic report for the road to post-2015

By Bernadette Fischler, from CAFOD: “The outcome document of the UN General Assembly Special Event about a month ago was a positive step in the right direction for some and a disappointment for others. Either way, after being approved by the General Assembly recently, it delivered clarity on the road map for the post-2015 process which is doubtless … Continue reading

CAFOD response to launch of UN High Level Panel report

“Catholic aid agency CAFOD has welcomed the report from the UN High Level Panel on the Post-2015 Development Agenda as offering a credible steer on the way ahead and addressing some of the vital issues missed by the MDGs. CAFOD Director Chris Bain said: “The report places people living in poverty at the heart of … Continue reading

Ivan Lewis speech to CAFOD on Post 2015 Development Goals

Ivan Lewis MP, Labour’s Shadow Development Secretary, recently gave a speech at an event organised by aid charity CAFOD. The speech can be viewed in full here. “Friends, in the next 20 years we should judge the scale of our ambition and our commitment to real change primarily by whether we can change the life chances for … Continue reading

Amy Pollard’s speech at the UN’s All Africa Parliamentarians Conference

Read Amy Pollard’s recent speech at the UN’s All Africa Parliamentarians Conference, in Addis Ababa, 21st-25th May 2012.

CAFOD’S Map of the 2015 Policy Process

Download CAFOD’S map of the 2015 policy process.  

Post-2015 policymaking: What is being planned, what might actually happen, and CAFOD’s current policy lines

CAFOD have engaged extensively in the post-2015 arena, as co-chairs of the Beyond 2015 campaign and as an independent agency. Drawing on the dozens of meetings, reading and engagement CAFOD have had in recent months, the first part of this paper synthesises their understanding of what is currently being planned on post-2015 policymaking, focusing particularly … Continue reading


January 1st, 2016

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