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Wanted: data revolution to track new U.N. development goals

This post is written by Katie Nguyen and first appeared on the Thompson Reuters Foundation website. LONDON, Sept 7 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – By 2030, we should be living healthier, more prosperous lives on a greener, cleaner planet helped by robust policies to combat climate change and use precious resources, like water, wisely. That is, … Continue reading

Financing the data revolution: is anyone up for the challenge?

This post is written by Bill Anderson, Data and Information Architect at Development Initiatives If you manage to read down to the last ten paragraphs of the draft outcome document for the Financing for Development conference in Addis Ababa this week you will find a section on Data. It contains firm commitments for implementing a data … Continue reading

Country priorities for data development: what does history tell us?

​Foreign donors can be instrumental in building effective statistical capacity but run the risk of driving through their own agendas, rather than following a national strategy. To make this less likely, this report, by Amina Khan, Joseph Wales and Elizabeth Stuart, considers the question: what are country priorities and how should they condition donor investments in statistcs?  … Continue reading

Post-2015 Zero Draft: Where Does CIVICUS Stand on Citizen-Generated Data?

This post is written by Jack Cornforth, Senior Project Officer and Kate Higgins, Manager, DataShift, CIVICUS, and appears on the CIVICUS DataShift blog After years of preparatory consultations and months of negotiations, the zero draft of the Post-2015 Summit outcome document was published earlier this month. There has been some useful commentary on where the draft does … Continue reading

Data for development

This post is written by Jeffrey D. Sachs, Professor of Sustainable Development, Professor of Health Policy and Management, and Director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University and Special Adviser to the United Nations Secretary-General on the Millennium Development Goals, and is published on Project Syndicate. NEW YORK – The data revolution is rapidly transforming every part … Continue reading

Who should measure the Sustainable Development Goals?

Amid conversations about indicators for measuring progress on the post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals, Saferworld’s Thomas Wheeler explores the question of who should be producing the data that these global indicators will rely on. He explores the benefits of using national statistical systems to measure progress, but also makes the case for third parties playing a significant … Continue reading

What’s measured is also political

This post is written by Amina Khan, Research Officer, Growth, Poverty and Inequality, and Elizabeth Stuart, Research Fellow, Growth, Poverty and Inequality, ODI There is, now, a widespread recognition that statistical activity is as much political as it is technical, and that if the data revolution is to deliver its full potential, the capacity of … Continue reading

Demographers Are Coming Into the Big Tent of the Data Revolution

This blog post is written by Kristen Stelljes, Program Officer, Hewlett Foundation At the Hewlett Foundation, we believe that the data revolution should be a big tent where data experts and users of all stripes come together to swap ideas and form new and interesting partnerships. And there’s one group in particular that I think … Continue reading

Exclusion in household surveys: causes, impacts and ways forward

The 2013 call of the High Level Panel on Post-2015 for a ‘data revolution’, echoed in the recent report of the Independent Expert Advisory Group (IEAG) on the data revolution, has given renewed impetus to data collection efforts to ensure that ‘no one is left behind’. Household surveys are the workhorse of MDG data reporting … Continue reading

Digital revolutionaries are all human — but we can compensate for that

This post is written by Alicia Phillips Mandaville, Research Associate at Overseas Development Institute and Vice President of Amida Technology All humans make mistakes and those who publish data ranking poor countries’ levels of state fragility are no different.  But when potential errors affect millions of dollars and thousands of lives, for the sake of … Continue reading


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