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Equity principle under attack in the Asia-Pacific post-2015 development agenda

Reportage from the Asia-Pacific Ministerial Dialogue in Bangkok, by IBON International: “Civil society has engaged Asia & Pacific governments in the Asia Pacific Ministerial Dialogue (APMD) to commit to real transformative change. Yet propositions that strongly articulate the need for equity have been stubbornly opposed by the United States and other advanced countries who are … Continue reading

Should global goal setting continue, and how, in the post-2015 era?

This DESA Working Paper authored by Sakiko Fukuda-Parr critically assesses the MDG experience including their policy purpose, ethical commitments, political origins, and consequences. It proposes that post-2015 goals should be based on principles of equity sustainability and human security and address key contemporary challenges such as climate change, unemployment, inequality and global market instability. Download ‘Should global … Continue reading

Fit for the future? The rocky road to a new set of development goals

“The post-2015 millennium development goals must focus on sustainability, equity and reaching the poorest of the poor” New Poverty Matters Blog by Lysa John and Stephen Hale: “Fit for the future? The rocky road to a new set of development goals”


January 1st, 2016

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