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Ending Poverty in a Generation: The Post-2015 Development Agenda

Written by John Podesta, Chair of the Center for American Progress in the Global Policy journal. “We’re here to talk about ending extreme poverty in a generation. It will come as a surprise to none of you when I say that we are facing some truly historic global challenges. And I’m not talking about the Tea … Continue reading

Good Governance as a Post-2015 Millennium Development Goal

Written by Daniel F. Runde and Conor M. Savoy for the Center for Strategic & International Studies blog. “The World Bank noted, in a 1989 report, that “underlying the litany of Africa’s development problems is a crisis of governance.” Although matters have improved since 1989, lower debt and more democracies for example, good governance is … Continue reading

Africa: Common Africa Position on Post 2015 Development Framework

Written by Franco Wandabwa, Africa Advocacy Director, Save the Children International on All Africa website. “In January 2014, African leaders adopted the report of the High Level Committee, chaired by H. E Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, building a consensus on Africa’s conception of a new sustainable development framework. This position is what African nations will take … Continue reading

Taking stock: progress and gaps in MDG achievement by Amina Mohammed

Written by Amina Mohammed, UN Secretary-General’s Special Adviser on Post-2015 Development Planning , writing on The Daily Development: “[...] As we approach the MDGs target date of 2015, the international community is galvanizing efforts to accelerate their achievement—focusing on those Goals that are most off-track, in particular in the least developed countries, landlocked developing countries, … Continue reading

A data revolution: how and what for?

Sharing the experience of the Colectivo PND (National Development Plan) – Migration  By Rodolfo Córdova Alcaraz* This is the 16th post in our blog series on ‘What kind of ‘data revolution’ do we need for post-2015?’ The idea of a data revolution as a core element of the post-2015 development agenda is gaining momentum in … Continue reading

Event – Thinking outside the silos: different options for integrating climate change into post-2015

Date, time, venue: 9 January 2014, 1.15-2.30 pm, Conference Room E, UN HQ New York This side event during the 7th session of the Open Working Group on SDGs will investigate different options of integrating climate change into the post-2015 framework. Climate change is an existential threat that will continue to disproportionately affect the poorest … Continue reading

Its eighty years since GDP was first developed, time for a different measure of national success?

By Michael Green at the Social Progress Imperative The global economic downturn has created something of an obsession with getting back to economic growth. Yet, on its own, growth is an incomplete guide to the wellbeing of a country. Indeed, the adoption of the Millennium Development Goals was a recognition that we need measures other than growth … Continue reading

Confessions of a Serial Consulter, Part 1 and 2

Written by Gina Lucarelli, on the UNDP blog: Part 1:Debunking Myths “Looking back on the past year as part of the United Nations World we Want team working on engaging people in a discussion of what matters for their future, I feel compelled to come clean on the experience thus far. Our work is driven by the … Continue reading

Make youth central to post-MDG future

Written by Nicole R Goldin, director of the Youth, Prosperity and Security Initiative at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, on CNN:  “[…] the High Level Panel argued in its report: “after 2015 we should move from reducing to ending extreme poverty, in all its forms. We should ensure that no person – regardless … Continue reading

Supporting the World’s Least Developed Countries

By Denis Fitzgerald, writing on The Interdependent: “The United Nations first devised its list of Least Developed Countries (LDCs) in 1971. More than 40 years later, only three countries have graduated, which means that their Gross National Income per capita has exceeded $1,190 as of 2012, and they have attained other development and economic indicators. … Continue reading


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