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Post-2015 resources round-up

Post2015.org is collating key recent post-2015 resources and news in a round-up post.  Below, read today’s selection: Chapeau text by the OWG co-chairs – released as the first draft of the preamble to the Open Working Group’s list of goals for the post-2015 development agenda Getting Intentional: Cross-Sector partnerships, business and the post-2015 development agenda … Continue reading

How silver-tongued multinationals can win trust in development circles

Written by Jonathan Glennie, writer and researcher on international development and co-operation and research associate at the Overseas Development Institute in London and at the Centro De Pensamiento Estratégico Internacional (Cepei) in Bogotá in the Guardian’s Poverty Matters blog.  “The increasing emphasis placed by some on the role of “the private sector” is a growing source of … Continue reading

Is there anything new with the post-2015 UN Agenda on Sustainable Development?

Written by Mariarosaria Iorio, Political Analyst as a contribution to the on-going debates on the post-2015 agenda on sustainable development.    What are the Issues?   As the world is undergoing a major systemic crisis, commitment to redistribution, social well-being and environmental justice is central. However, there is also a need to concretely and positively impact … Continue reading

Post-2015 resources round-up

Post2015.org is collating key recent post-2015 resources and news in a round-up post.  Below, read today’s selection: Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals: Eight clusters for the focus areas – The co-chairs of the OWG have released a lightly-revised set of 19 focus areas in advance of the 10th session of the OWG meeting. Understanding … Continue reading

Governments and development agencies must work smarter with business

Written by John Humphrey, Institute of Development Studies on the Globalisation and Development blog. “UK Secretary of State for International Development Justine Greening often refers to a ‘smarter approach to aid’ – a recent example can be found in her speech to the London Stock Exchange at the beginning of the year, about which I … Continue reading

How can business drive meaningful poverty alleviation?

Written by Andy Wales, SABMiller – one of the world’s largest brewing companies on the Development Progress blog “The role of business value chains in driving meaningful poverty alleviation must not be underestimated – and indeed at Davos this year there was a clear consensus that business has a critical role to play in wider … Continue reading

Investments to End Poverty: A Call for More and Better Data. What Does this Mean and Why Does it Matter?

Written by Judith Randel, Executive Director, Development Initiatives on the Business Fights Poverty blog. “The debate is no longer is about whether the private sector has a role to play in ending poverty but how. Over the course of this week, we have explored where business can do more to end poverty. What we haven’t … Continue reading

An Early Harvest on the Wider Sustainable Development Agenda

Written by Alex Evans, on the Center on International Cooperation Blog: “Early progress on finance for development (see separate post on finance here) is by no means the only area where an ‘early harvest’ on the post-2015 agenda will need to make progress. Five more areas of particular importance where progress could be made over the … Continue reading

Private sector redoubles MDG efforts

Article by Devex, appearing in eudevdays.eu: “Not only governments are fully committed to meeting the Millennium Development Goals — the private sector also wants to step up to the challenge. World leaders on Wednesday agreed on how to kick off the debate on the post-2015 framework through a common set of goals for both rich … Continue reading

What we can do to help business in post-2015

Written by William Smith, Research Fellow at the Overseas Development Institute: “There is huge interest now within the international development community on the role of business in development, including how business can contribute to achievement of the Millennium Development Goals or to a new post-2015 development framework. Often, this debate is framed in terms of how governments or … Continue reading


January 1st, 2016
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