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Event: Can we really end poverty? A debate on the future of development

Intelligence Squared will be hosting an event, entitled “Can we really end poverty? A debate on the future of development”, on December 5th in London. Read the event description below: “At the 2000 UN Millennium Summit, the largest ever gathering of world leaders pledged to work together to help the world’s poorest people. They agreed … Continue reading

A checklist of targets for post-MDG development policies

“It would be a missed opportunity not to think more radically about what the world truly needs, beyond a mere second chapter to the MDGs. There is an urgent need to focus the world’s attention on the existential problems that have scarcely been touched by the MDGs – all those connected with the planet’s ability … Continue reading

Nigeria’s MDGs Office Holds Forum On Post-2015 Development

As part of efforts to develop a post-2015 development framework for Nigeria, the senior special assistant to the president on Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), Dr. Mrs Precious Kalamba Gbeneol is convening a National Stakeholders’ Consultative Forum that will also attempt to determine the country’s input to post-2015 UN Development Agenda. Read MDGs Office Holds Forum … Continue reading

Sustainable development is the only way forward

In a new blog, Jonathan Glennie argues that development co-operation needs to shift focus from poverty eradication to a broader, more inclusive framework. “It now appears possible, even probable, that sustainable development will emerge as the main framework for development practice in the coming decades, replacing or rebalancing the poverty eradication focus of recent years. … Continue reading

A Beyond 2015 discussion paper: SDGs and the relationship to a post 2015 framework

Beyond 2015 has just published its discussion paper for the upcoming Rio+20 UN Conference on Sustainable Development. The paper outlines recommendations on principles for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and how they should relate to the post-MDG framework and the process of creating this framework which has already been set in motion. Beyond 2015 issues a stark warning against developing two parallel processes after Rio+20 – one for SDGs and one for post-MDGs – and offers a list of desirable outcomes from Rio+20 regarding the SDGs. … Continue reading

Edge of sustainability: why Rio+20 mustn’t ignore people on city fringe

“As cities grow, so do the overlooked peri-urban areas. Rio+20 must ensure the poor don’t lose out from rapid urbanisation” New Poverty Matters Blog by Fiona Marshall and Lyla Mehta “Edge of sustainability: why Rio+20 mustn’t ignore people on city fringe”

Putting the ‘sustainable’ and the ‘development’ into the Sustainable Development Goals

New blog by Dr. Claire Melamed, Head of Growth, Poverty and Inequality at ODI ‘Putting the ‘sustainable’ and the ‘development’ into the Sustainable Development Goals’


January 1st, 2016

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