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Citizen Deliberation and the Post-2015 Development Framework

Download this paper by Scott Wiser ‘Citizen Deliberation and the Post-2015 Development Framework‘.

Using Human Security Principles to Develop a Post-2015 Framework

Download the April 2012 IDS Policy Briefing ‘Using Human Security Principles to Develop a Post-2015 Framework’.

Advancing the global development agenda post-2015: some practical suggestions

In this paper, Jan Vandemoortele, co-architect of the MDGs, offers some practical suggestions for the formulation of the successor arrangement to the MDGs. Download ‘Advancing the global development agenda post-2015: some practical suggestions’.

Inequality won’t take care of itself

“In their recently launched report on inequality in Latin America, Christian Aid describes the situation as scandalous, and they’re right. Latin America is by no means poor. With very few exceptions, most Latin American countries qualify as middle income. Yet the region remains the most unequal in the world, a dubious honor it has held for decades.” Read the … Continue reading

Fit for the future? The rocky road to a new set of development goals

“The post-2015 millennium development goals must focus on sustainability, equity and reaching the poorest of the poor” New Poverty Matters Blog by Lysa John and Stephen Hale: “Fit for the future? The rocky road to a new set of development goals”

Christmas tree, jigsaw or bullseye? A rough guide to post-2015 frameworks

Dr. Claire Melamed’s handy cut-out-and-keep guide to the three possible post-2015 frameworks which seem to be implied by current discussions.

Beyond the Millennium Development Goals – Agreeing to a Post-2015 Development Framework

In this paper Alex Evans and David Steven point out that the politics of agreeing an effective post-2015 framework are likely to prove extremely difficult, as there are deep disagreements that can surface between developed, emerging and developing countries. All this on the background of continued economic turmoil which leads to “short-term thinking” rather than … Continue reading

Time to gamble on development goals

New blog by Dr. Claire Melamed, Head of Growth, Poverty and Inequality at ODI: ‘Time to gamble on development goals‘.


January 1st, 2016

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