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Development goals: everybody’s business

In this guest blog on the Global Markets community site, ODI’s Paula Lucci discusses why and how the private sector should engage on future global development goals: “I think one of the top priorities should be getting businesses more involved this time round. There are three main reasons. The first is that, at its core, … Continue reading

Powerful synergies: Gender Equality, Economic Development and Environmental Sustainability

This volume, put together by UNDP, gathers contributions from gender and sustainable development experts. It examines the links between gender equality and sustainable development: “sustainable development requires pursuing economic, social and environmental objectives as interconnected development goals. It is critical that gender equality – a human right as well as a catalytic force for achieving … Continue reading

What Makes International Agreements Work: Defining Factors for Success

This research report by Emily O’Brien and Richard Gowan of the Center on International Cooperation explores the success factors of international agreements. Based on their study of agreements in environmental policy, financial regulation and human rights, they draw lessons for the post-2015 process. Their summary policy note links the findings with post-2015 debates.

How will the post-2015 High-Level Panel prioritise?

As the post-2015 High-Level Panel holds its first meeting, Claire Melamed offers her take on the options: “the panel’s job is to prioritise between the 101 good ideas that are out there, and to tell a story explaining the decisions they have made which is convincing enough to persuade others that it’s the right way … Continue reading

Reigniting global development: What development goals after 2015?

‘For many, the coming of the year 2000 was marked by overblown hype around a computer virus that never happened and slightly disappointing parties that did. In the world of development it was heralded with a much more momentous occasion; the agreement of the Millennium Development Goals – global goals on international development that have … Continue reading

What should post-2015 development goals look like?

“A high-level panel U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon appointed to flesh out the post-Millennium Development Goals agenda will be meeting next week at the sidelines of the U.N. General Assembly. So what should the priorities be for the panel co-chaired by U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron, Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Indonesian President Susilo Bambang … Continue reading

It’s Time to Ask the World’s Poor What They Really Want

“The U.N.-led process for determining the next round of global development goals is officially underway… Simply put, these high-stakes discussions will set the development agenda for a generation and will likely influence how hundreds of billions of dollars are spent by both developing country and donor governments. But something is missing: the views of the … Continue reading

*EVENT* Towards 2015: Open Dialogue with the High-level Panel on the Post-2015 Development Agenda

SAVE THE DATE September 25th 2012, 11.30 – 13.00 Towards 2015: Open Dialogue with the High-level Panel on the Post-2015 Development Agenda CR3, North Lawn Building, UN Headquarters Objective: This event aims at promoting an open dialogue between The Secretary General’s High-level Panel and civil society, researchers, the private sector, foundations and youth, to reflect … Continue reading

What the World Wants From UN Goals

“On Sept. 25 the annual jamboree of presidents, potentates, and assorted world leaders will take place in New York, as the 67th debate session of the United Nations General Assembly is called to order. Accompanying the usual podium speeches will be the start of backroom discussions as to what will replace the Millennium Development Goals, … Continue reading

Education and Skills Post-2015: What Education; What Development?

“There has been a two-part blog [part 1 / part 2] already linked to the 12th September Norrag workshop on education and skills post-2015, but I will try to reflect on some of the key questions that I was left with at the end of the event: What theory of development should any development goals … Continue reading


January 1st, 2016

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