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Transparency and Accountability: goal or no goal, it is a key ingredient for post-2015

Written by Vanessa Herringshaw, Director of the Transparency and Accountability Initiative (T/AI). However it’s framed, transparency and accountability (T&A) will need to be a vital part of the post-2015 agreement, and is relevant for all countries ODI rightly points out that the momentum around T&A is strong and growing, and that’s for practical reasons – … Continue reading

David Cameron, beware: the post-2015 aid agenda is an MDG minefield

“…But, as the PM may find to his cost, agreeing a new set of numbers is a bit more difficult now than it was in 2000. The MDGs were cooked up by a group of rich countries sitting in a room and deciding how they wanted to spend their aid to help poor countries (I … Continue reading

Building governance into a post-2015 framework: exploring transparency and accountability as an entry point

This research report and briefing note by Bergh et al. of ODI, discusses the role of governance post-2015. As the debate on the post-2015 agenda gains momentum, some are arguing that there is a need to increase the focus on governance in a future agreement. Although this responds to people’s aspirations for political freedoms and … Continue reading

UN HLP update: first meeting summary & info on second meeting on 1st Nov

The UN have released a note providing an overview of the first meeting of the Secretary General’s High Level Panel of Eminent Persons on the Post-2015 Development Agenda, as well as information on plans for the second meeting, to be held in London on 1 November. Downloaded the note in full here, or read on for a summary. The first … Continue reading

The Golden Thread Development Narrative: What’s hot, what’s not and how it can be improved

“In the run-up to 2013, picking up a theme he first used several years ago, David Cameron has talked a lot about what he refers to as the “Golden Thread” of development – see this excellent piece by the Center for Global Development’s Owen Barder. In this post, we provide a guide to the “Golden … Continue reading

How can a post-2015 agreement drive real change? Have your say

Duncan Green, Stephen Hale and Matthew Lockwood have released a draft paper on the political economy of post-2015. The paper argues that there is an urgent need to bring power and politics into the centre of the post-2015 discussion. The authors are inviting comments on the draft paper to be received no later than 5 … Continue reading

Heads in the sand: why it’s time the global education community woke up to reality

New blog by Nicholas Burnett Managing Director for Education at the Results for Development Institute (R4D). “Education is on the verge of a revolution, in which learning rather than teaching becomes the norm, teachers become aides to learning and no longer imparters of facts, and the classroom-based model could well become obsolete. A whole series … Continue reading

Global goals, national targets – squaring the MDG circle?

Written by Andrew Norton, Director of Research at ODI. The arguments for broadening the ‘next’ MDG framework so it covers all countries are very strong.  If you really want to take on sustainable consumption challenges, or to be relevant to climate change mitigation, or to tackle inequality as a goal, then clearly there is no … Continue reading

Water security: from abstract concept to meaningful metrics

In this working paper, Nathaniel Mason and Roger Calow, both of ODI, present an overview of options for developing more rigorous metrics for progress in water security, which they say is essential if we are to translate the idea from an abstract concept to a meaningful tool to guide policy and practice post-2015. Download: ‘Water … Continue reading

Joining the dots: people’s perspective for a post mdgs development framework

Written by Namhla Mniki-Mangaliso, Director or African Monitor and Mwangi Waituru, Co-Chair of Beyond 2015. It is essential that Africa begins to tell its own story about the development it wants to see in Africa and globally post 2015. There is no better source of this story than the perspectives, experiences and aspirations of ordinary … Continue reading


January 1st, 2016

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