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Overview of ongoing Thematic Online Consultations, held in the Framework of the UN’s Post-2015 Development Agenda

This article on the UN NGLS website gives an overview of progress to date on all ongoing thematic consultations on the post-2015 development agenda.

Read: ‘Overview of ongoing Thematic Online Consultations, held in the Framework of the UN’s Post-2015 Development Framework’



One thought on “Overview of ongoing Thematic Online Consultations, held in the Framework of the UN’s Post-2015 Development Agenda

  1. The present 8 MDGs contain 6 goals relating to health, food and water controlled in developed societies with biochemistry laboratory tests, defined by directives, law and regulations and augmented/facilitated by the infrastructure and wealth of said societies. Those solutions are not directly transferable to developing societies.
    The reason:
    The reason is that present biochemistry laboratory testing is based on gravity holding accessible reagents and samples on bottom of open test tubes and gravity holding atmosphere to allow drawing liquids to pipettes for transfer to measuring cuvettes. The method is very far from living biochemistry, what is always protected from ambient environment, is hydraulicly distributed via microfluidic capillary channels in flora and fauna, liquid to fliquid metabolism. The multiple error possibilities are readable in international standards og medical laboratory, listing over 3000 potential error sources, demanding academic degrees from laboratory staff.
    The solution: Water is always present in living biochemistry, so water offers a technical solution to replace the so convenient gravity force, which application demands a strong solid, expensive laboratory institution. The solution is a phase change of water in a capillary channel to solid by freezing. A frozen water pipe will newer leak, unless it is warmed above the the melting point of the ice plug. Freezing is technically enabled by conductive cooling, carrying the heat from a capillary to the heat sink. The ice plug is removed by the best ICT tool, by a laser beam heating the channel. A proper cooling will not harm biochemistry tests; millions of years old bacteria in Antarctic ice have preserved viable. This technology is so far inofficially called Liquid-Micro-Processor (LMP) technology.

    LMP-technology enables full atomation and networking, and so distribution of present laboratory testing so that the expert knowlegde can be located in networked databases, so that the local user is only paying for the quality controlled test results, nothing else. The LMP-testing servers can be mass-produced, the necessary specific chemistry consumption can be reduced to the scale affordable by most of the global people. LMP-technology exits, but it will require a joint effort to expand the production to bring most of the global people within the domain of the biochemistry security.

    Posted by Niilo Kaartinen | December 14, 2012, 12:03 pm


January 1st, 2016

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