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Education to Fight its Corner for 2015 and Beyond

New blog by Steve Packer, Deputy Chair of UKFIET.

“Two thousand and fifteen approaches. Across multilateral and bilateral agencies, in foundations and research institutions, work is underway to develop new post-2015 frameworks and targets  Will the MDGs be re-shaped and reworked to complete unfinished business? Will poverty reduction continue to provide the focus for global action? Or will sustainable development, human development or economic growth become the primary drivers for change? More radically, might 15 years of MDG targetry suggest that a single, global framework is limiting in its capacity to respond to the diverse needs of the poor and the disadvantaged worldwide?

“As negotiation evolves, education will need to fight its corner. It is by no means a given that education received the relative priority given to it in the MDGs. In addition, the closely related, Education for All objectives will require some redefinition and rebalancing to gain substantive international support.”

Read the blog in full on the UKFIET website: ‘Education to Fight its Corner for 2015 and Beyond’




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January 1st, 2016

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