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DFID’s new aid strategy – the big silence

Written by Tony Killick OBE, past Director and senior researcher of ODI as part of the Development Progress blog series on Development Finance. “Nearly a decade ago I wrote an article on the history of British aid to Africa and was recently asked to provide an up-date.  Having been away from the debates and literature for some years, … Continue reading

The UK’s Shadow DfID Team: post-2015 roundtables

The UK’s Shadow Department for International Development Team has begun its policy review process on the post-2015 development framework with a series of roundtable discussions which brought together individuals from the NGO, academic and business communities to share their perspectives on the formulation of a new agenda. The attached submission summarizes the discussion and includes questions … Continue reading

Sharing the post-2015 framework

“…As I watched, what I found remarkable was the long list of issues raised – from disability to health and education, to jobs and illicit financial flows. At the end, Abhijit Banerjee, one of the panellists, calculated that 32 issues had been raised! Yet the original MDGs only had 8 goals, and London’s event was … Continue reading


January 1st, 2016

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