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Education Among Goals Ahead of the Post-2015 Game

By Gina Bergh and Jonathan Couturier, Overseas Development Institute, on the Norrag blog: “It’s been a hectic year for the post-2015 development agenda, with a stream of high and low level panels, consultations, working groups and proposals flooding the policy space. So we set out to assess the proposals up to now likely to carry … Continue reading

After the post-2015 HLP report

“Last week the ODI in London connected partners in Bogotá, Dhaka and Nairobi to share reactions to the much anticipated post-2015 High-Level Panel (HLP) Report. Chaired by Claire Melamed, the event gave audiences from around the world linked by VC the opportunity to ask questions of those closely involved in drafting the report. Panellists included two members of the HLP, Betty Maina (Chief Executive of the … Continue reading

One hundred and sixty ideas: Introducing the Future Development Goals Tracker

By Gina Bergh at the Overseas Development Institute With the increasing hive of activity around the work of the UN High Level Panel on Post-2015 and the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals it’s getting tough to keep track of the growing number of proposals for future development goals. That’s why the Overseas Development … Continue reading

MDGs: making your mark on the post-2015 agenda in 2013

“Unlike MDGs the new goals will not be drafted behind closed doors, but we need to make our voices heard. Gina Bergh shares her ‘to do’ list to help steer future development policy”. Read the full article here.

Jeffrey Sachs talks post-2015

Written by Gina Bergh, a researcher at the Overseas Development Institute. Jeffrey Sachs of UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network fame was in London this week to give his perspective on what future development goals should come after the MDGs. Interesting that this confirmed what was already clear at civil society consultations when the UN High … Continue reading

Civil society is talking…is the High Level Panel listening?

Written by Gina Bergh and Paula Lucci, researchers at the Overseas Development Institute. Last Thursday while the High-Level Panel on Post-2015 was meeting in London, the UK’s parliamentary groups on international development and the Beyond2015 global campaign brought civil society representatives from around the world together to discuss their priorities for a post-2015 development agenda. … Continue reading

Inclusive growth and a post-2015 framework

One of the recurring themes in the debate about the post-2015 agenda is the role that growth and employment issues should have within it. While there is a great deal of discussion about how to include growth in a new global development framework after 2015, specific proposals remain relatively thin. In this paper, Gina Bergh, ODI Research Officer, and … Continue reading


January 1st, 2016

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