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Post-2015 resources round-up

Post2015.org is collating key recent post-2015 resources and news in a round-up post. Below, read today’s selection: Means of implementation and the global partnership for sustainable development: what’s in it for emerging economies? – This Overseas Development Institute report, by Paula Lucci, Amina Khan and Elizabeth Stuart, outlining what they stand to gain or lose from a … Continue reading

The growing access to digital technologies could fundamentally transform developing economies

Written by Chris de Bode on SciDevNet The move from hunter-gathering to the age of farming and the dawn of the Industrial Revolution 12,000 years later mark seminal transitions in human history, lifestyle and wellbeing. Now in the digital age, our civilisation may be in the midst of another equally great transformation. The age of … Continue reading

Light on Development

Written by Henk Molenaar, executive director at WOTRO Science for Global Development, writing on the Broker Online: “The post-MDG agenda should be based on an alternative theory of development, leading to a simple framework of only three complementary goals: reducing global inequalities, abandoning growth, and enhancing trust. Growth and the MDGs When reflecting on a … Continue reading

Thematic Consultation on Growth and Employment: Final report released

The Global Thematic Consultation on Growth and Employment has recently released its final report entitled ‘Growth and Employment in the post-2015 agenda: messages from a global consultation’. Read a summary below. “A global crisis demanding global action We are facing a global jobs crisis of unprecedented proportions. Global unemployment increased from170 million in 2007 to … Continue reading

Recasting MDG 8: global policies for inclusive growth

New paper by Pedro Martins and Paula Lucci, researchers at ODI. As we approach the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) deadline, there is a growing interest and debate on what might replace them. Specific proposals for new goals, targets and indicators have already emerged – including on income poverty, employment, education, health, environment and governance. However, there … Continue reading

UNCTAD to lead post-2015 e-discussion on development-led globalization

“Consultations on growth and employment are being coordinated by an advisory group consisting of staff from the United Nations Development Programme, the International Labour Organization, UNCTAD, the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, and UN Women, as well as representatives of other international and civil society organizations. The thematic e-discussion on development-led globalization will … Continue reading

The future face of development: building inclusive growth into a post-2015 framework

This recent ODI and Department for International Development public event focused on the proposals emerging from Rio and recent post-2015 discussions, to identify opportunities and potential pitfalls to building a new type of growth into future development. Watch the video recordings and download the presentations from Kate Raworth of Oxfam, Claire Melamed of ODI and Rolph … Continue reading

Inequality, youth unemployment and jobless growth: Common problems but can we negotiate a common solution?

Income inequality, youth unemployment and jobless growth were the buzz issues at the UN’s first post-2015 thematic consultation, hosted two weeks ago by the UNDP, ILO and Government of Japan. This 2 day meeting, focusing on ‘growth, structural change and employment’ included a motley array of academics, UN staffers, Government officials, the odd NGO and … Continue reading

Inclusive growth and a post-2015 framework

One of the recurring themes in the debate about the post-2015 agenda is the role that growth and employment issues should have within it. While there is a great deal of discussion about how to include growth in a new global development framework after 2015, specific proposals remain relatively thin. In this paper, Gina Bergh, ODI Research Officer, and … Continue reading

Road to Rio: Growth and employment need to be the heart of development

“Growth and employment are firmly back on the development agenda—and will be a key topic during the Rio+20 Conference next month.” Read Magdy Martinez-Soliman, Director of UNDP’s Bureau for Development Policy’s ‘Road to Rio: Growth and employment need to be the heart of development’


January 1st, 2016

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